We provide specialized online dyslexia, writing, and math tutoring that will make your child a successful learner.

You will feel relief watching your frustrated child love learning again.

Your bright, capable child cannot continue to fall behind academically.

Does the following sound familiar?

Your child is having difficulty learning to read.  Everyone says to give it more time, but your instinct tells you there’s something wrong. It shouldn’t be this hard for your child.

Your child has a hard time recalling basic math facts and is frustrated while trying. Now they hate math class, and completing homework brings everyone to tears.

Your child can’t write a complex sentence or a paragraph that makes sense. They still forget punctuation and capital letters at the beginning of every sentence, despite years of instruction.

Your child has been receiving Response to Intervention (RtI) Academic support for years but nothing seems to be getting better. Shouldn’t there be more progress by now?

We have teachers who solve these problems. Our certified dyslexia, writing, and math practitioners teach the way kids need to learn, resulting in increased confidence as skills improve.

Our hearts break when we see children struggling to learn.

As a client of New Paltz Multisensory, you’ll receive:

Specialized Instruction

New Paltz Multisensory offers online reading, writing and math tutoring from certified dyslexia and Orton-Gillingham-trained practitioners.

Peace of Mind

Our certified dyslexia, writing, and math practitioners teach the way kids need to learn, resulting in increased confidence and decreased frustration.


You’ll have access to an experienced educator who can help you advocate for your child at school meetings and parent teacher conferences. You’ll have someone to ask questions, and teach you how to support your child’s learning at home.

We're dedicated to making children successful.

We know what it feels like to watch your child struggle to learn the skills so many kids take for granted.  As their frustration around learning increases, the entire family is affected.  No child should have to experience failure and self-doubt around learning. 

Every literacy provider at New Paltz Multisensory is a Certified Dyslexia Practitioner through the Wilson Reading System, an Orton-Gillingham program. Most of our tutors are state-certified teaching professionals and, collectively, have 150 years of teaching experience.

Over one hundred families have trusted their children’s learning to New Paltz Multisensory providers since the fall of 2018.

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Years of Teaching Experience

Resources We Use

Wilson Reading System

The Writing Revolution

Handwriting Without Tears

Preventing Academic Failure

Stern Math


Heather has been the best addition to my daughter’s education. We’ve only been working with New Paltz Multisensory for two months and already I see a confidence in my daughter and an eagerness to learn that I’ve never seen before. Heather has become an irreplaceable tutor and an advocate for our girl.

Parent of a 3rd Grade Student

My daughter who is 11 has struggled with reading. It is super challenging for her and makes trying really negative.  Since working with Heather’s team she is actually super excited to work with her teacher which is something that I have never seen.  Just today in the car she picked up something and read it and was like Mom I read it!!!  I can’t begin to explain how happy it made me to hear her excited to actually read on her own.

Parent of a 6th Grade Student

After many frustrating years of my child being overlooked in the public school system, I reached out to New Paltz Multisensory for help. In less than a year of working with Heather regularly my child’s reading, confidence and overall understanding of language has exploded, and she can now participate in school with full confidence. I don’t know what we would have done without this help and support. Heather has transformed my child’s educational experience.

Parent of a 4th Grade Student

Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Schedule your Free Consultation

Set up a time to talk about your child’s learning needs with Heather O'Donnell, CEO of New Paltz Multisensory.

Step 2: The Learning Plan

Together we’ll construct a learning plan that meets your child’s needs. You’ll share your child’s strengths, interests and learning challenges.

Step 3: Tutoring Sessions Begin

Your child will begin sessions with their tutor on an agreed upon date, and start on the road to loving learning once more.

New Paltz Multisensory, Explained

At New Paltz Multisensory, we know you want your child to be a successful learner.

Children with learning challenges like dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia need instruction based in the science of how the brain learns.  The problem is your child may not be getting that instruction at school, leaving them below grade level in reading, math, or writing. You feel powerless to help as you watch their frustration grow.

We believe every child will learn to love learning when material is presented in an accessible way. We understand the anguish kids feel about not being able to crack the code of reading while classmates soar ahead, or being stuck on multiplication tables while peers have moved on to division.

New Paltz Multisensory has the tutors and resources to solve your child’s learning challenges. Every literacy provider at New Paltz Multisensory is a certified dyslexia practitioner, trained in systematically breaking down information for learning. Through structured literacy, writing instruction, and multisensory math instruction we have solutions for your child’s learning needs.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Contact Heather and set up a time to talk about your child’s learning needs.  
  2. You’ll share what your child excels at, as well as their areas of challenge.  We’ll discuss whether a literacy assessment is appropriate for your child, or whether it makes more sense to simply begin educational remediation through tutoring sessions.  
  3. Your child will be paired with a tutor who will be their guide on the journey to learning.

Contact Heather today so you can stop watching yet another school year pass by without your child receiving the help they need.  Get ready to watch your child love learning again!