New Paltz Multisensory Tutoring Services

You have questions.

  • Is your child telling you that school is too hard, and complaining about going? Are you hearing complaints of stomach aches and headaches before the school bus rolls up?
  • Do you as a parent feel your child is struggling more then is typical, but the school is telling you everything is fine?
  • Has your child recently been diagnosed with dyslexia, and you’re not sure what to do next?
  • Are you looking for someone to assess your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses in a clearly written report that you can use in school meetings to meet your child’s needs?

New Paltz Multisensory has answers.

The decision to hire a private educational consultant and tutor can be complicated, however the relief that comes from finding an educational professional who can support your child in their individualized learning needs is immeasurable.

"Heather has been the best addition to my daughter’s education. We’ve only been working with New Paltz Multisensory for two months and already I see a confidence in my daughter and an eagerness to learn that I’ve never seen before. Heather has become an irreplaceable tutor and an advocate for our girl."Parent of a 3rd grade student with dyslexia



Multisensory reading instruction using the Wilson Reading System


Expository writing instruction using the Hochman Writing Method


Multisensory mathematics instruction using the Stern Math Program


Multisensory handwriting support using Handwriting Without Tears

Executive Functioning

Visual schedules, first/then prompts, organizational strategies, etc.

Heather O'Donnell, M.S.Ed., Ed.M

  • Cornell University

    BS, Human Development

  • Bank Street College of Education

    Master's Degrees in Early Childhood Elementary Education & Early Childhood Special Education

  • Professionally Certified in NY

    Special Education birth through grade 6 / General Education Pre-K through grade 6

  • Specialized

    Certified Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner / 50+ hours of multisensory coursework at the Windward Teacher Training Institute