Keep Those School Skills Sharp!

The reality is, most teachers see a regression in skills over the summer. With a few simple steps, you can maintain your child’s academic skills.

Three Early Intervention Advocacy Lessons for Parents

Three Early Intervention Advocacy Lessons for Parents

This year, I took on a few Early Intervention cases while I built my private tutoring practice. I quickly found the challenge of working with little ones who have needs – but may not have a diagnosis – to be incredibly rewarding. By the time a child is in pre-school or elementary school, they will typically have a diagnosis. That diagnosis guides …

The Secret to Hiring a Good Tutor

“My son/daughter is crying over their homework again.  It doesn’t seem like every night should be like this.” Many of the families who found my tutoring services arrived with some form of the above sentence on the tip of their tongue.  They felt in their heart that something was not right in their child’s learning, and came to me looking …