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Spelling Activities for Words Ending in “ge” and “dge”

When it comes to spelling, direct and explicit instruction about the way the English language works is key for helping students crack the code for reading success.  We want our students to understand the rules of spelling so that they can apply them independently in their writing.  

Help students navigate when to use -ge or -dge at the end of the word with these guiding rules and spelling activities.

When introducing this spelling generalization, keep the following in mind:

  • -dge is used in a one-syllable base word after a short vowel 
  • -ge is used after long vowels or consonants 
  • For both -dge and -ge sound-spellings, the final e’s job is to make the g make its soft /j/ sound. 
  • Remind students that a word will NEVER end in j, so when the /j/ sound is heard at the end of a word, it has to be -ge or -dge

Make connections to previously learned generalizations

  • When introducing the ge/dge rule, activate students’ prior knowledge by recalling the rule for k/ck and ch/tch words – this serves as a great opportunity for spiral review and lets students see the similarities between the rules, making it easier for them to manage and understand

So I’ve taught the ge/dge spelling rule – now what do I do?

We want our students to practice this spelling skill several ways before assessing for mastery.  Here are some helpful spelling activities to give students hands-on practice applying the rule:

  • Word sorts 
  • Dictation using dge/ge words
  • Games to practice decoding and spelling dge/ge words – click here to grab a FREE copy of our print and go phonics board game for practicing reading of ge/dge words. 

Looking for an easy no-prep practice opportunity for students to get hands-on spelling practice words containing ge/dge, ch/tch, and k/ck spelling concepts? 

Grab our Interactive Spelling Mats and your students will get the practice they need with the push of the print button.   

And be sure to grab our FREE  ge/dge teaching slides here to use with students when you are introducing this spelling rule. 

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