Doubling 1-1-1 Suffix Rule Board Game Orton Gillingham DIGITAL, INTERACTIVE



Are you a dedicated teacher looking for seamless, ready-to-use digital resources tailored to your tight schedule? Dive into our interactive, Google Slides-compatible resource designed for busy educators like you! Specifically crafted for teachers on the go, this resource aligns effortlessly with the structured literacy approach, following the renowned Orton-Gillingham scope and sequence and embracing the Science of Reading principles.

Key Features:

  1. Focus on Doubling (1-1-1 Rule): Address one of the “Big 3” Suffix Spelling Rules – the Doubling, also known as the 1-1-1 Rule. Our resource ensures explicit teaching through concept slides, followed by guided practice in spelling words, helping students grasp the nuances of this critical rule.
  2. Orton-Gillingham Aligned: Fully in sync with the Orton-Gillingham scope and sequence, our resource offers a comprehensive approach to structured literacy, supporting your students in mastering essential suffix spelling rules.
  3. Science of Reading Best Practices: Rooted in the Science of Reading, our digital tool provides a robust foundation for effective reading instruction, ensuring your students learn and apply the doubling or 1-1-1 suffix rule with confidence using a direct and explicit teaching approach.
  4. Interactive Gameplay: Engage your students with an interactive, clickable board game featuring virtual dice and moveable game pieces. This dynamic format makes learning fun and accessible, whether in the classroom or through distance learning.
  5. Linked Answer Key Slides: Effortlessly guide your students through the learning process with linked slides acting as an “answer key” during gameplay. After attempting to spell their target word, students can click on the corresponding game space to access an answer slide with discussion prompts, fostering deeper understanding.


  • NO PREP: Instantly deploy this digital resource, eliminating the need for extensive preparation. Your teaching assistant is just a click away!
  • Academically Engaging: Capture your students’ attention with an interactive and visually stimulating game that reinforces crucial spelling rules.
  • Versatile Learning Environment: Suitable for both distance and in-person learning, providing flexibility without compromising educational value.

Who Should Invest?

  • All-In-One Seekers: Teachers in search of NO-PREP, comprehensive digital resources for efficient and effective instruction.
  • Differentiation Advocates: Educators looking for easily adaptable resources catering to learners of all abilities.
  • Writing Skill Boosters: Teachers aiming to enhance student understanding of sentence structure and elevate writing skills.

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