Interactive Spelling Mats with Word Sorts – ch/tch, dge/ge, k/ck


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Are your students struggling in identifying when to use ch or tch, dge or ge, and ck or k at the ends of their spelling words? Our multisensory, interactive spelling sorts resource is the perfect solution! Students will practice listening to words and identifying the correct spelling rule, as well as completing visual sorting activities. Each sort includes visual supports to help students internalize the spelling generalizations in an engaging and interactive way. These activities are perfect for independent practice after the rule has been taught.

What’s Included?

  • Interactive Spelling Word Sort (ge & dge)
  • Interactive Spelling Word Sort (ck & k)
  • Interactive Spelling Word Sort (ch & tch)

Each sort includes two variations, one with a blank space for students to write in the correct ending sound (i.e. ca___, so___) and one with the complete word for students to read and sort.

At New Paltz Multisensory, we truly understand how valuable a teacher’s time is, andthat is why our resources require minimal prep. You’ll have a ready-made resource with the click of a print button!

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