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Are you a structured literacy teacher looking for phonics resources and science of reading games to maximize your instructional time?  Are you looking to make planning for Science of  Reading centers easier? Look no further! This bundle of teaching resources is tailored for busy educators like you, providing additional phonics activities to go with your Orton Gillingham scope and sequence.  These resources were specifically planned and created for a particular client who needed additional Orton-Gillingham phonics scope and sequence practice. 

What’s Included in each lesson? 

  • Letter formation
  • Orton Gillingham Reading Lists
  • Orton Gillingham Spelling Lists
  • Red Word Practice Orton Gillingham 
  • Orton Gillingham Games (i.e. card/board games, roll and read, tic-tac-toe, KABOOM)
  • Orton Gillingham worksheets
  • Decodable Sentences 
  • Decodable Reading Passages Science of Reading 
  • Comprehension and Fluency Activities

As of May 2024, the bundle includes nine 45 page phonics resource packs with ready to print materials for the following skills/concepts:

  • CVC + Digraph
  • FLOSS Rule
  • Suffix -s
  • Suffix -es
  • Beginning blends

As the student continues to move through the instructional progression, more skills will be added and YOU will be the first to know! 

Key Features:

✔️ Science of Reading Aligned: Rooted in evidence-based practices endorsed by the science of reading, our lessons ensure optimal student progress in literacy skills.

✔️ Orton-Gillingham Inspired: Benefit from time-tested Orton-Gillingham principles integrated seamlessly into each lesson.

✔️ Multisensory Approach: Engage students through a multisensory learning experience, catering to diverse learning styles and enhancing retention of foundational reading skills.

✔️ Ready-to-Use: Save science of reading small group planning time with our ready-to-print and go skill packs, meticulously structured to meet the needs of busy educators.

✔️ Comprehensive Coverage: From letter formation to advanced decoding skills, our resources cover the full spectrum of foundational reading skills, ensuring comprehensive literacy development.

Lock in at our low price today and you’ll continue to get the updated resources with more advanced skills as the bundle continues to grow!