Short E Digital, Interactive Word Work Activities for Google Slides


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Introducing our Interactive Google Slides Activity Pack – your ultimate, no-prep solution for dynamic Short e word work practice! Elevate your teaching with this comprehensive resource that effortlessly integrates the revered Orton-Gillingham scope and sequence, promoting the science of reading through engaging literacy centers. This digital resource is a perfect digital alternative to blending CVC words worksheets.

Key Features:

  • Click and drag word/picture matching for an interactive and enjoyable learning experience.
  • Interactive word building to enhance short e spelling skills.
  • Click and drag cloze sentences for a well-rounded language exercise.
  • Interactive concentration game to reinforce the correlation between short e words and corresponding pictures.

Ready to Roll: This no-prep activity is your instant classroom solution – just open the slide deck, and you’re good to go! Ideal for both virtual tutoring and in-person classrooms, these activities bring an element of fun to word work, making them perfect for class or small group sessions. For added flexibility, assign the activities via Google Classroom for independent student work, streamlining the review process.

What’s Included:

  • Ready-made, NO PREP, Interactive Google Slide Activities tailored for short e words and sentences.
  • Click and drag activity: Match words to pictures.
  • Click and drag word building: Short e spelling practice.
  • Click and drag cloze sentences.
  • Interactive concentration game: Match short e words to corresponding pictures.

Who Should Invest:

  • Teachers seeking versatile digital resources suitable for both classroom and distance learning.
  • Educators following the Orton-Gillingham scope and sequence.
  • Kindergarten and First grade teachers in need of a simple, engaging, and fun decoding and encoding practice for words with short e.
  • Time-strapped educators on the lookout for READY TO GO/NO-PREP activities that students will love.

Tutor Tip: For an immersive experience during distance learning on Zoom, leverage the Remote Control feature to allow students to actively participate in sorting the words.

Transform your teaching approach with this innovative resource – making literacy centers both educational and entertaining!