Place Value Multisensory Math Mats



Elevate Your Math Intervention with our Place Value Math Mats!

Are you seeking a dynamic solution to reinforce student understanding of place value? Look no further! Our innovative math intervention resource is here to support struggling learners in mastering this critical mathematical concept.

Versatile Math Mats

This resource includes the following variations of problem-solving multisensory math mats:

  • Hundreds/Tens/Ones
  • Thousands and Units
  • Break Apart Number + Put Number Together

Tailored for Small Group Math Intervention:

Whether you’re conducting small group math intervention sessions or working one-on-one with students, our math mats provide the perfect platform for targeted instruction. Engage students in hands-on activities that promote a deeper understanding of place value concepts.

Enhance Problem-Solving Skills:

Designed specifically for math word problem-solving intervention, our mats encourage students to visualize and manipulate numbers, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Each mat variation offers unique opportunities for students to practice and apply their knowledge in a supportive learning environment.

Printable in Color or Black and White:

All four variations of our math mats are available to print in both color and black and white, making them accessible for any classroom setting.

Empower your students with our Place Value Math Mats and watch as their confidence and proficiency in mathematics soar! Transform your math intervention sessions into engaging and effective learning experiences today.