Suffix Spelling Rules Board Game – Thanksgiving version



Thanksgiving break is coming up. The students are excited. The teachers are tired. But there are still a few more days of school left! What is an exhausted teacher teaching their students according to the Science of Reading to do?

This Suffix Spelling Rules Board game was designed for just this time frame This game is designed to provide practice for students who are learning or reviewing the vowel suffix spelling rules. With two formats (Race to the End and a Collect All Four version that requires more strategy) you can have multiple groups of students playing the same game at the same time. Once students understand how to play, little supervision will be required enabling the teacher to take data on who has grasped the vowel suffix spelling rules, and who might need some review.

This game also works beautifully in 1:1 tutoring environments as an instructional tool or a review of a previously mastered skill.

To utilize this material your student will need to be working on or reviewing the vowel suffix spelling rules (doubling rule, drop the e, change y to i) as part of their Orton Gillingham instructional sequence. They will need to be able to recognize which spelling rule has been applied to a word, although there is a blank page for you to add your own words to the game if you choose.

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