Digital Noun Sorts (Pictures and Words) with Decodable Sentence Activities



This Interactive Digital Noun Activity Pack is perfect for early readers as they are introduced to the concept of a noun. This activity pack includes picture and word sorts with CVC and Digraph words to double down on grammar instruction and decoding. Additionally, we’ve included 20 decodable sentences with CVC and Digraph words to provide practice identifying nouns at the connected text level.

What’s included in this resource?

  • click and drag picture sort
  • 2 click and drag word sorts (CVC and Digraph Editions)
  • 2 sets of Decodable Sentences (10 CVC and 10 Digraph) for students to practice dentifying nouns in sentences

This noun activity bundle can be assigned to students in google classroom for independent work or worked through together as a class or small group. This works very well for distance learning and online tutoring as well.

Your students will enjoy getting hands-on, interactive practice working their way through the various levels of noun activities in this engaging digital resource.